LED Controller

LED Controller provides RGB Led and White LED for expression of various patterns such as dimming, flickering, dimming+flickering, and color fixing.
Especially, LED Controller combines three primary lights of red green and blue to express 7 color combinations.

  • Rotary switch for simple mode selection
  • 16 expressions with RGB mode, one-color mode, and white mode
  • Easy expression setting and speed adjustment without separate tool
  • Rain-proof type for use in indoor and outdoor
  • Simple size

Product Specification

Model Name RGB-300
Rating Below 73W per circuit, DC12V
Up to 300 RGB modules, 100 white modules per circuit (total of 300)
Conformity R-REM-Uik-RGB-300

RGB/One-Color Mode

Mode Expression Setting Mode Explanation Wiring Diagram
RGB Mode 0 Sequential dimming RGB Mode Wiring Diagram
1 Sequential flickering
2 Sequential dimming and flickering
One-Color 3 Fixed lighting of red (R)
4 Fixed lighting of green (G)
5 Fixed lighting of blue (B)
6 Fixed lighting of yellow (RG)
7 Fixed lighting of sky-blue (GB)
8 Fixed lighting of purple (RB)
9 Fixed lighting of white (RGB)

White Mode

Mode Expression Setting Mode Explanation Wiring Diagram
White Mode A 3-stage sequential dimming of white color
B 3-stage sequential flickering of white color
C 3-stage sequential dimming and flickering of white color
D Overall white dimming
E Overall white flickering
F Overall white dimming (5 times) and flickering (5 times)